What is EMCASH?

What is EMCASH? It is the first decentralized cryptocurrency backed by UAE government. Based on third generation blockchain technology, EMCASH is a user friendly smart contracts platform. Along with its native token EMC, this cryptocurrency ecosystem also provides an innovative Arbitration Module.

What is EMCASH?

EMCASH aims to provide a cross platform network to successfully integrate block based blockchain and decentralized DAG based networks. It is composed of blockchain and DAG systems that aims to link block based and block-less open ledgers to provide a unique cross-platform access and a smooth cryptocurrency experience.

What Features EMCASH Provide?

At the basic level EMCASH is a brand new smart-contracts platform. It promises a user-friendly environment to successfully implement smart-contracts and DAOs. EMCASH is working on a visual smart-contract editor, if properly implemented, this may greatly promote the significance of automated deals and organizations.


One of the most innovative applications of blockchain technology by EMCASH is the implementation of a decentralized Arbitration Module. This service is intended to resolve legal disputes right in the blockchain by non-biased experienced arbiters.

Last but not the least, EMCASH native token EMC is designed to be integrated into current working economy. It intends to evolve into a future payment system that is more streamlined and reliable as an effective asset transfer cryptocurrency. The most important aspect of EMC is that it is designed in a way to be compatible with existing block based and block-less cyrptocurrency networks like Bitcoin and IOTA.


Launched in November 2017, the total supply of EMC is set at 100,000,000 EMC. The value of 1 EMC is set at 4.36 Dirham. According to the official road map, EMCASH is currently raising funds through token sales. It is planed to go through different development stages from 2018 to 2020.


EMCASH white paper is available for more in depth technical analysis.