Privacy Policy

This privacy policy only covers and is clearly intended for users to read and understand.

Users’ Information and terms of use collects personal information and tracking information from the users that visit this website. Personal information is collected when a users willingly contributes content to the site by participating in comments. In order to contribute on this site, it is required of users to either provide their email address or login from their favorite social media platform to express their views and to submit their content in the form of user comments. In this way users submit either their email address or the social media user name in exchange for their views to be displayed on the comments section of this website. Users can learn more about comments policy on our editorial policy page.

Aside from personal information, a variety of tracking information is also collected from users by this website. This tracking data is solely intended to provide tailored content to the users based on their interests. This data is also used for targeted advertisements while at the same time trying to avoid annoying & irrelevant repetitive advertising. Cookies are used to organize and manage this tracking data effectively. Information obtained from cookies is also utilized to enhance the overall performance of the website.

It is to be noted that no personal or tracking data collected from its users by this website is shared with other third parties without the consent of the users.

Apart from the basic tracking data collected by this website from its users other tracking information is also gathered by third parties like google, other advertising networks and any third party software like plugins, widgets and API content from other websites.

This website is not responsible for the user data collected by these third parties. For more information on the state of user data collected by these third parties, kindly visit their official websites and read their respective privacy policies.

By logging on to this website every user agrees to its terms of use and the privacy policy detailed above.

For further queries about our privacy policy and the terms of use, users are advised to contact us.