How Bitcoin Investment Still Profitable in 2018?

How Bitcoin investment still profitable? There are many reasons for Bitcoin to thrive in 2018. And investing in bitcoin will only get more profitable. Let us look at some of the most important things that are going to drive bitcoin to new heights.

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More People will know about Bitcoin

If you think everybody knows about bitcoin, then you are clearly mistaken. The cryptocurrency fever of 2017 is very much limited to the profit seeking trading community. Although, the blockchain technology is getting mainstream attention from many established companies and startups alike. Widespread understanding of bitcoin as a cryptocurrency is still a distant dream.

Thanks to huge media coverage in 2017, people have started to ask questions like what is bitcoin? Is bitcoin investment safe? This is a good sign, more people are now taking interest in bitcoin and its underlaying technology. They are getting curious about cryptocurrencies in general. 2018 is going to be another great year for bitcoin promotion. This year hopefully, general masses will also get to know about the benefits of using a secure cryptocurrency like bitcoin.

As more people start to talk about cryptocurrencies, crypto markets are bound to thrive. People fascinated with bitcoin are more likely to buy and own cryptocurrency. And as it seems, people previously unaware of bitcoin are rapidly joining the cryptocurrency bandwagon.

Optimistic Bitcoin Price Predictions

Traditionalists love to term bitcoin as a bubble. But, the astonishing bullish run by bitcoin in 2017 has truly confused some of the critics. Bitcoin price started well below $1000 in January 2017, it climbed so dramatically throughout the year that, in early December 2017, it almost touched $20,000 for a single bitcoin. Although, there had been minor price declines throughout the year, but the overall trend was clearly upwards.

Analyzing trends and patterns form 2017, many analysts have predicted a similar price surge for 2018. Some have even predicted bitcoin reaching more than a $100,000 by 2020. This may seem over exaggerated, but when it comes to bitcoin price, you never know.

How Bitcoin Still Profitable in 2018?

Segwit2x Issue

Segwit2x is the controversial scaling upgrade for the bitcoin network. Suspended in 2017 for lack of consensus, Segwit2x issue may just settle once and for all in 2018. Although, bitcoin network scaling proposal is still a major controversial issue. Once successfully settled, this significant bitcoin upgrade may just boost the cryptocurrency unexpectedly.

How Bitcoin Investment Still Profitable in 2018?

Minor corrections in cryptocurrency markets is pretty normal. And when it comes to bitcoin, a few positive events may trigger another bullish run. Therefore, investing in bitcoin early 2018 may just be the most profitable investment of this year.