Editorial Policy

Justkoin aims to highlight the potential of blockchain technology and its derivative open-source cryptocurrencies with a special focus on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and other leading altcoin.

Justkoin strives for fair and objective reporting based on accurate and responsible information handling.

Cryptocurrency analysis by justkoin is always based on the current market facts & trends.

Justkoin promotes positive competition and informed decision making over blind endorsement of a single cryptocurrency.

A balanced assessment of both opportunities & risks associated with the current cryptocurrency markets is duly highlighted by justkoin.

Justkoin deliberately avoids technical details/development & engineering side of cryptocurrencies in order to most effectively inform the general non-technical user.

While avoiding unnecessary technical jargon, justkoin also intends to simplify the most basic technological imperatives that are essential in the proper understanding of cryptocurrencies.

Justkoin welcomes user contributions in the form of user comments. A proper comment moderation mechanism is in place to avoid spam and other undesirable content.

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