UAE and Saudi Arabia Plan to Launch a Joint Cryptocurrency

A UAE-Saudi cryptocurrency was announced in a statement on the sidelines of the Arab Monetary Fund (AMF). UAE’s central bank governor, Mubarak…


IOTA Creates Open Data Marketplace, Moves to Fourth Place on the Crypto Market

IOTA, the cryptocurrency tailor made for the Internet of Things has initiated a major project. Promoted as the open


ASICVAULT: The Most Secure Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

AsicVault AsicVault is a next generation storage device specifically designed for cryptocurrencies. Developed by a company in Estonia, it provides the best security…


Cryptocurrency: What are the Key Concepts?

The key concepts associated with cryptocurrency technology are widely misunderstood. It is therefore, very important to know about the underlaying concepts and…


Security Audit Reveals Flaws in Cryptocurrency Mobile Apps

In an extensive research conducted by High-Tech Bridge, a cyber security company based in Switzerland, tested the most popular cryptocurrency mobile apps…


IOTA: The Zero Fee Cryptocurrency

IOTA is a cryptocurrency tailor made for the Internet of Things (IoT). It provides a perfect micro-payment system for inter-connected machines. And…


Man Sells Everything to Invest in Bitcoin

A man from Netherlands named Didi Taihuttu literally sold everything to invest in Bitcoin. Taihuttu believes that his investment will be worth…


Lack of Consensus: Bitcoin Upgrade Suspended

Segwit2x, supported by many bitcoin startups has been suspended apparently due to lack of consensus. Bitcoin prices surged right after the news of the suspended…


Who controls the Bitcoin network?

No central authority is responsible for Bitcoin network. It is open-source and a completely decentralized peer-to-peer network that cannot be controlled…