All cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin are termed as Altcion. These alternative cyrptocurrencies are also peer-to-peer electronic payment systems with different variations and flavors in terms of blockchain, transaction speed, privacy, ease of mining and other additional features.

Following are some of the most popular cyrptocurrencies currently available on different exchanges.

Bitcoin Cash BHC

Bitcoin Cash is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system that was created as a result of a hard fork in the Bitcoin open-ledger on 1st August 2017. Currently ranked 3rd on list Bitcoin Cash works on upgraded consensus rules that allow it to grow and scale.

Bitcoin Gold BTG

Bitcoin Gold is a community-led experimental hard fork of Bitcoin. The main purpose of Bitcoin Gold is “to make bitcoin mining decentralized again”. With the reintroduction of GPU mining, Bitcoin Gold has provided the opportunity for any user with a standard GPU to mine Bitcoin Gold.

Ethereum Classic ETC

Ethereum Classic is a continuation of the original Ethereum platform after the hard fork of 20th July 2016. Ethereum Classic strongly adheres to the basic principles of decentralization & immutability to create unstoppable applications.

Ripple XRP

Ripple is a blockchain solution for enterprises that connects payment providers, corporations, exchanges and banks through RippleNet. XRP is the digital asset of RippleNet.

Litecoin LTC

Litecoin is another peer-to-peer internet currency with higher transaction volumes and faster verification. Miners are rewarded 25 litcoins per new block. The Litecoin network is capped at 84 million litecoins. Litecoin also promises better wallet security and encryption.


With a tag line of “Dash is digital cash”, Dash provides instant transactions that are confirmed in less than a second. PrivateSend effectively protects transaction information while providing enhanced security with next generation P2P network.

Zcash ZEC

Zcash considers itself the https of cryptocurrencies. Zcash provides the most secure transport layer that is designed for complete privacy protection. It offers “shielded transactions” that hides sender, recipient and the value on the blockchain. Currently Zcash is considered the most secure & private cryptocurrencies in the market.

Monero XMR

Monero is a completely secure, private and untraceable cyrptocurrency. It is the most privacy centric altcoin. Monero is a great fusion of privacy and security which uses “ring signatures” and “ring confidential transactions” to hide all transaction details.


Neo is an Ethereum based Chinese cryptocurrency. Neo is a smart economy distributed network. Neo supports smart contracts, digital assets and digital identity.


Nem is a smart asset blockchain. Nem promises enhanced performance on their blockchain which is designed for scalability and speed. Nem is a powerful platform to build custom “smart assets” and “smart contracts”.

These are the most popular and well known altcoins. There are hundreds of other cryptocurrencies, a complete list can be found on